The National Golf Club
April 4-5, 2016

ADFGA Team defeats the Golf Australia Senior Team

GAvADFGA_2016.jpg Each year, a Golf Australia Senior Team contests a match against the Australian Defence Forces team.

The event is played over two days, with foursomes and four-ball matches on day one, and singles matches on day two. This year the venue was once again The National Golf Club on the Mornington Peninsula. All games are being played on the Ocean Course.

Day 1

A beautiful day with just enough wind to make the player focus on every shot. As always The National was presented in wonderful condition. The Golf Australia team was pleased to welcome Josie Ryan and Jacqui Morgan as the first women to play in the GA Senior team.

After the opening fourballs and foursomes matches the Golf Australia team finished with a one point lead over the ADFGA. The scores were GA 6.5 points and ADFGA 5.5 points. 


Pat Giles & Lindsay Elliott lost to Andrew Adams & Conan Brett 1 down
Greg Stanford & Josie Ryan lost to Rod Smylie and Bronwyn Mullins 4&3
Denis Dale & Jacqui Morgan SQ with Ray Macey & Sam Harkis
Phil Towle & Alan Bullas defeated Kurt Lampie & Brendan Creek 6&5
Simon Bracegirdle & Bill Wellington defeated Chris Sarquis & Andrei Ezergailis 2&1
John Wheeler & Darryl Hearsch SQ with Darry Whitehead & Tony Greenwood
Golf Australia 3 points  ADFGA 3 points


Josie Ryan & Jacqui Morgan defeated Andrew Adams & Conan Brett 2&1
Simon Bracegirdle & Pat Giles defeated Ray Macey & Sam Harkis 5&4
Bill Wellington & Lindsay Elliott lost to Rod Smylie & Tony Greenwood 3&2
Greg Stanford & Alan Bullas lost to Bronwyn Mullins & Brendan Creek 4&3
John Wheeler & Phil Towle defeated Chris Sarqui & Kurt Lampie 5&4
Denis Dale & Darry Hearsch SQ with Darryl Whitehead & Andrei Ezergailis
Golf Australia 3.5 points  ADFGA 2.5 points

Day 1 Total

Golf Australia 6.5 points  ADFGA 5.5 points

Day 2

Twelve individual matches played in very strong winds from the opposite direction as day one. At times the winds gusted to almost gale force providing a real test for all the players. It was the stronger ADFGA players who handled the tough conditions best winning the singles day by 8 matches to 4 matches. This gave them an overall winning score of 13.5 matches to 10.5 matches and they have reclaimed the title after the Golf Australia team had won in 2015.

Extra congratulations to Simon Bracegirdle (Golf Australia team) and Rod Smylie (ADFGA team) on being the only undefeated players in the tournament. ADFGA captain Tony Greenwood and also a member at The National Golf Club finished with 2.5 points after playing some very good golf throughout the tournament.

For Golf Australia the two debutant women performed very well. Josie Ryan finished with 2 points and Jacqui Morgan 1.5 points from their three matches. Bronwyn Mullins represented the ADFGA very well earning 2 valuable points for her team.

Once again it was a memorable experience for everyone who participated in this prestigious event. The golf course was sensational as was the hospitality shown by all the staff and members of The  National Golf Club. 

The formal dinner on Monday night featured several presentations from ADFGA members that highlighted some of the work they are currently doing in the national armed services. Brigadier Paul Nothard (A.M. CSC) gave a very interesting overview of his role in the armed services as part of his welcoming address.

Singles Matches

Josie Ryan defeated Andrew Adams 4&3
Jacqui Morgan lost to Ray 4&3
Pat Giles defeated Conan Brett 5&3
Bill Wellington lost to Brendan Creek 3&2
Greg Stanford lost to Sam  Harkis 3&2
Phil Towle lost to Rod Smylie 4&3
Lindsay Elliott lost to Kurt  Lampie 4&3
John Wheeler lost to Andrei Ezergailis 6&5
Darryl Hearsch defeated Bronwyn Mullins 3&2
Denis Dale lost to Tony Greenwood 2&1
Alan Bullas lost to Chris Sarqui 3&2
Simon Bracegirdle defeated Darryl Whitehead 3&2
 Golf Australia 4 points ADFGA 8 points

Final Result

Golf Australia 10.5 points lost to ADFGA 13.5 points

The 2016 Golf Australia team is shown below. 

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