Championship Honourboard

Ian McPherson
2015 Winner
Ian McPherson WA
Brian Sams
2014 Winner
Brian Sams NSW
Ian McPherson
2013 Winner
Ian McPherson WA
Stefan Albinski
2012 Winner
Stefan Albinski NSW
Stefan Albinski
2011 Winner
Stefan Albinski NSW
Chris Coats
2010 Winner
Chris Coats QLD
Stefan Albinski
2009 Winner
Stefan Albinski NSW
Denis Dale
2008 Winner
Denis Dale NSW
Chris Coatsi
2007 Winner
Chris Coats QLD

Ian McPherson Wins the Australian Senior Matchplay Championship at Coolangatta-Tweed Heads Golf Club

When entries closed for the 2015 Australian Senior Matchplay Championship to be played at The Coolangatta Tweed Heads Golf Club the field was certainly the best ever for this national championship. The field of 32 included 23 from the top 27 ranked players and every player was ranked inside the top 50. A full report on the event follows.

Championship Final Report

Course Photo The day began with Ian McPherson and Sal Ballard completing their left over round from the previous rain interrupted day. The winner was McPherson who parred the seventeenth for a 2& 1 win and a place in the final against Queenslander Trevor Box.

The final proved to be a match worthy of the Australian Senior Matchplay title. Trevor Box continued on his winning way with some great early golf to open up a 3 hole lead. McPherson kept trying and gradually worked himself back into the match. On the sixteenth tee he was just one hole behind. A close finish looked likely but no-one knew how close!

McPherson parred sixteen and the match was all square but then Box won seventeen to take back his one hole lead as they headed to the eighteenth. Both played the par five well and when McPherson had missed his birdie Box needed to hole his four footer for the title. It slipped past the edge and the match was all square and for the second successive year the title was extended into extra holes.

Again both played the par five first well with McPherson closest to the hole after a beautiful wedge approach. When Box holed out for par McPherson needed to hole his birdie but it too edged past the hole. Up the twentieth and another halved hole when Box missed a five footer for the win. The twenty first hole is a long par three and both missed the green but with a beautiful chip and a great bunker shot they made their pars and moved on the the next.

A very long par four and the players needed their hybrids for demanding second shots. McPherson found the green but Box missed right. He chipped to six feet and waited for McPherson to putt. His aggressive putt went well past and he missed the return. Another chance for Box but he too sat on the edge. One more hole - the par three sixth.

McPherson played a sensational iron to eight feet but this was matched by Box who was just a foot longer. Great golf shots under the pressure that continued to mount. Box putted first and watched a very good putt just slide by. McPherson studied the line and with a firm stroke knocked his birdie putt right in the centre. The crowd cheered and McPherson had his second Australian Senior Matchplay title. The only time he had led all day was after twenty four holes. For Box it was a great tournament but one that very easily could have been just that little bit better. Well done to both players.

In the play off for the bronze medal Vince Clark edged out fellow NSW player Sal Ballard on the nineteenth hole. Both players have finished well up in all their recent tournaments and this high placing will make them strong contenders when the 2015 Australian team for the Asia-Pacific Senior Amateur Championship is selected at the end of July. There are two more events to be played before the 6-man team is announced - the Gold Coast Senior Classic and the Queensland Senior Amateur Championship

A wonderful three days of golf on a championship course. Congratulations and thanks to the staff at Coolangatta Tweed Heads Golf Course. In very wet conditions they presented the course at a very high standard that impressed all the players. Cameron Vincent and Adam Power from Golf Australia ran their usual first rate national championship and made sure all players enjoyed the week. It's on again at the same course next year!

    MAIN DRAW                     
  31.   Trevor Box   8.   Ian McPherson  24th
  6.    Vince Clark  19th 5.  Sal Ballard  
  3.    Michael Barltrop   4.    Steve Toyne  3&2
  1.    Barry Tippett   26.   Mark Pearson  4&3
  22.   Darryl Whitehead  19th 9.    Greg Rhodes  
  13.   David Limbach   23.   Martin Minogue  4&3
  18.   Mick Streit   16.   Trevor Hughes  1up
  14.   Alan Bullas  7&6 12.   Denis Dale  
  28.   Graeme Howland   10.   Ian Frost  1up
  19.   Greg Stanford   32.   Dave Morrison  2up
  2.    Stefan Albinski  4&3 25.   Tony Kennings  
  20.   Mike Peeck  2up 11.   Col Hallam  
  7.    John Banting  5&4 21.   Darryl Hearsch  
  27.   Michael Dunsmore  4&3 24.   Harry Crosby  
  15.   John Wheeler   29.   Phil Towle  2up
  30    Ross Banks   17.   Chris Gordon  5&4


Course Photo Unfortunately the wet weather that had threatened all day arrived and the afternoon rounds were a mixture of rain, postponements in play with greens under water, umbrellas up and down, wet grips, soggy greens and then more heavy rain. The delays meant extra pressure on the semi finals to finish before dark. The weather and the dark won and there is one semi final to be completed early tomorrow morning.

The first semi final saw two of the oldest competitors in Trevor Box and Vince Clark doing battle. In a high quality match it was the giant killer Box who made it through to the final with a 3&2 victory.

The second semi final saw Ian McPherson playing strongly and after putting out on the sixteenth he leads Sal Ballard by two holes. This match will continue tomorrow morning with the winner then given some time to prepare for the all important final against Box. The loser will play Clark for third and fourth position.

Results of all the consolation matches are listed below. Mark Pearson and Michael Barltrop will need an early start to head down the 19th hole as darkness also prevented their match from continuing. Other interesting consolation matches included Tony Kennings going to the 20th hole before defeating Mike Peeck and John Banting defeating Micahel Dunsmore in the battle of the West Australians.

With the heavy rain continuing well after play had ended and more forecast overnight and tomorrow there must be some doubt about play tomorrow. Hopefully the 2015 Senior Matchplay Championship will be decided on the course.

    MAIN DRAW                     
  5.  Sal Ballard  2dn* 8.   Ian McPherson  2up*
  6.   Vince Clark   31.   Trevor Box  3&2
   4.   Steve Toyne  3&2 1.   Barry Tippett  
  3.   Michael Barltrop  19th 6.   Mark Pearson  
  13.  David Limbach   9.   Greg Rhodes  4&3
  16.  Trevor Hughes  1up 12.  Denis Dale  
  22.  Darryl Whitehead  1up 23.   Martin Minogue  
  14.   Alan Bullas   18.  Mick Streit  3&2
  32.  Dave Morrison   28.  Graeme Howland  5&4
  20.   Mike Peeck   25.   Tony Kennings  20th
  19.   Greg Stanford   10.   Ian Frost  3&1
  2.   Stefan Albinski  1up 11.   Col Hallam  
  21.   Darryl Hearsch  20th24.   Harry Crosby  
  29.   Phil Towle  4&2 17.   Chris Gordon  
  27.   Michael Dunsmore   7.   John Banting  5&4
  30   Ross Banks   15.   John Wheeler  5&3


Course Photo The main interest was in the top eight who were playing off for a position in the semi finals later in the afternoon. 2013 champion Ian McPherson kept his hopes alive for a second title with a 3&1 win over the 2014 runner-up Barry Tippett. Sal Ballard won his match against Queenslander Steve Toyne on the last hole and he will now play McPherson in the first semi final.

He wasn't even in the field on Friday but no-one told Trevor Box he was a long-shot to win the title and he is now in the second semi final after defeating NSW senior Mark Pearson at the 19th hole. Proving age is no barrier it was another "Super Senior", Vince Clark, who made it through to play Trevor Box in the semi-final. Clark was impressive in defeating Kiwi champion Michael Barltrop 4&3. Clark played some great golf and prevented Barltrop from winning even one hole.

All the remaining 24 seniors continued in the consolation draw where the competition is still keen and many ongoing rivalries are played out on the course. Perhaps the best match was between Stefan Albinski and Ian Frost who have been selected in the Australian team to play New Zealand in July. In a close battle it required two extra holes before Frost took the honours with a great birdie.

Big hitting ACT senior Darryl Whitehead was too good for Alan Bullas and WA senior Harry Crosby claimed his first win defeating Chris Gordon on the 19th hole.

    MAIN DRAW                     
  1.   Barry Tippett   8.   Ian McPherson  3&1
  4.   Steve Toyne   5.  Sal Ballard  1 up
  31.   Trevor Box  19th 26.   Mark Pearson  
  3.   Michael Barltrop   6.   Vince Clark  4&3
  16.  Trevor Hughes   9.   Greg Rhodes  4&3
  13.  David Limbach  CON# 12.  Denis Dale  
  18.  Mick Streit   23.   Martin Minogue  2&1
  14.   Alan Bullas   22.  Darryl Whitehead  4&3
  32.  Dave Morrison  2&1 25.   Tony Kennings  
  20.   Mike Peeck   28.  Graeme Howland  4&3
  2.   Stefan Albinski   10.   Ian Frost  20th
  19.   Greg Stanford  2&1 11.   Col Hallam  
  17.   Chris Gordon   24.   Harry Crosby  19th
  29.   Phil Towle   21.   Darryl Hearsch  3&2
  15.   John Wheeler   7.   John Banting  4&3
  30   Ross Banks   27.   Michael Dunsmore  3&2

# - match conceded


Round two matches were played in the afternoon with the weather again perfect for golf.

The eight matches in the main draw were very evenly paired and as is often the case in top level senior golf it was very hard to predict the winners. The top match between number one seed Barry Tippett and the highly rated West Australian Trevor Hughes was a close affair before Tippett won on the seventeenth hole. 2013 champion Ian McPherson battled all day with Victorian Greg Rhodes with victory finally coming to McPherson on the last hole. Queenslander Steve Toyne was too good for NSW senior David Limbach winning 3&2. In a battle between fellow NSW players Sal Ballard was far too good for Denis Dale winning 3&2.

Surprise round one winner Trevor Box continued in his giant killer role with a devastating 7&5 win over Victorian Mick Streit. Box was again under par and is certainly enjoying his late inclusion in the field. Long hitting Mark Pearson came from 3 down with 4 to play to eventually edge out WA senior Martin Minogue on the 21st hole. Kiwi Michael Barltrop was impressive in defeating Alan Bullas 4&3 while Vince Clark was his usual consistent self in his 4&2 win over ACT golfer Darryl Whitehead.

In the consolation matches for the round one losers Graeme Howland was on fire shooting five birdies without a bogey in defeating Darryl Hearsch 7&5.

There are now 8 undefeated players and they continue in the main draw on the path towards this prestigious national title. All the remaining 24 players have lost at least one match and they continue in the Consolation Draw with each match important for the final placings and valuable senior ranking points.

    MAIN DRAW                     
  1.   Barry Tippett  2&1 16.   Trevor Hughes  
  8.   Ian McPherson  1up 9.   Greg Rhodes  
  4.   Steve Toyne  3&2 13.   David Limbach  
  5.   Sal Ballard  3&2 12.   Denis Dale  
  18.   Mick Streit   31.  Trevor Box  7&5
  23.   Martin Minogue   26.   Mark Pearson  21st
  3.   Michael Barltrop  4&3 14.   Alan Bullas  
  6.   Vince Clark  4&2 22.   Darryl Whitehead  
  17.   Chris Gordon   32.   Dave Morrison  3&1
  24.   Harry Crosby   25.   Tony Kennings  2&1
  20.    Michael Peeck  3&1 29.   Phil Towle  
  21.   Darryl Hearsch   28.   Graeme Howland  7&6
  2.    Stefan Albinski  4&3 15.  John Wheeler  
  7.    John Banting   10.   Ian Frost  3&1
  19.    Greg Stanford  3&1 30.   Ross Banks  
  11. nbsp;  Col Hallam  1up 27.   Michael Dunsmore  


The 2015 Australian Senior Amateur Matchplay Championships began today at Coolangatta Tweed Head Golf Club with a strong field that included 22 of the top twenty five players in the Australian Senior Ranking list. All the players are in the top 50. The weather was perfect and with the greens freshly rolled and cut all golfers were ready for a great day of matchplay competition.

The main surprise from the Round One morning matches was the defeat of Stefan Albinski (three times Australian Senior Matchplay champion) by Queenslander Trevor Box. In an impressive display Box was under par in winning 4&3. Most of the other round one matches went with the seedings although NSW senior Mark Pearson did defeat the number seven seed John Banting 3&1 and top WA senior Martin Minogue won over Victorian star Ian Frost 2&1. Leading New Zealand senior Michael Barltrop opened his quest for an Australian title with a good 4&3 win over Ross Banks.

The day's longest match was between Queenslanders Steve Toyne and Phil Towle with victory going to Toyne at the 19th. Earlier Towle had fought back to win the final three holes and square the match after eighteen.

    MAIN DRAW .....                    
  1.   Barry Tippett  4&3 32.   Dave Morrison  
 16.  Trevor Hughes  3&2 17.  Chris Gordon  
  8.   Ian McPherson  3&2 25.   Tony Kennings  
  9.  Greg Rhodes  5&4 24.   Harry Crosby  
  4.  Steve Toyne  19th 29.   Phil Towle  
 13.  David Limbach  3&2 20.   Michael Peeck  
  5.   Sal Ballard  3&2 28.   Graeme Howland  
 12.  Denis Dale  1up 21.   Darryl Hearsch  
  2.   Stefan Albinski   31.  Trevor Box  4&3
 15   John Wheeler   18.  Mick Streit  4&3
  7.   John Banting   26.   Mark Pearson  3&1
 10   Ian Frost   23.   Martin Minogue  2&1
  3.   Michael Barltrop  4&3 30.   Ross Banks  
 14   Alan Bullas  6&5 19.   Greg Stanford  
  6.   Vince Clark  4&3 27.   Michael Dunsmore  
 11   Col Hallam   22.  Darryl Whitehead  3&2

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June has been an empty month for most years but 2015 will be different with the rescheduling of the 2015 Australian Senior Matchplay Championship to be played from June 15-17. The Coolangatta Tweed Heads Golf Club will again be the host after their very successful running of the tournament in 2014.

June has been an empty month for most years but 2015 will be different with the rescheduling of the 2015 Australian Senior Matchplay Championship to be played from June 15-17. The Coolangatta Tweed Heads Golf Club will again be the host after their very successful running of the tournament in 2014.

2014 winner Brian Sams defeated a strong field to claim his first national title and he is sure to return to a course that is now one of his favourites. As it carries a national title and many ranking points most of Australia’s top senior golfers are sure to include the Matchplay when planning their 2015 golfing calendar.

Club captain Dave Morrison advises that the Coolangatta Tweed course is definitely in its best condition in the middle of the year and he looks forward to another bigger and better and successful event. He also advised that Coolangatta Tweed and Golf Australia have agreed that they will host the event for the next three years.

This is the only Matchplay championship on the senior calendar and it is will attract a top quality field. Players are seeded for the draw on the basis of their current Australian rankings. The warm weather of sunny Queensland and the very good golf course make this a very welcome addition to the June calendar.

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